2013 Food Preservation Season: Concord Grape Jelly

October 27, 2013 · 0 comments

concord grape jelly made with honey // Wayward SparkWhat: grape jelly

Main ingredients and where I got them: I picked a big crate of concord grapes at my grandma’s house. The honey came from our bees.

How much: about 8 half pints


To make the juice, I used a steam juicer just like I discussed in this post.

After I had the juice, I followed the Pomona’s Universal Pectin directions for grape jelly made with honey.

Other Comments: 

I made this grape jelly as kind of an afterthought. I canned another seven quarts of juice in this go round, but I didn’t want to fire up the canner to process just two more quarts. Instead, I decided to do up a quick batch of jelly. I wan’t even going to post it here, but this record of my preservation activities is as much for me as it is for you, dear reader, and I want to remember that it happened.

The only other time I made grape jelly, I was kind of disappointed that unlike so many other delicious homemade preserves, that batch pretty much tasted like something I could have bought from Smucker’s. The honey in this most recent set, however, gives the jelly a subtle superiority over the commercial stuff, and it’s pretty dang good.

This is part of a collection of posts documenting my food preservation activities this summer/fall (more info here). Please feel free to comment with a link to food preservation activities on your own blogs or links to recipes you’re following or you’d like to try from other blogs.

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