Birthday Boy

October 11, 2013 · 3 comments

birthday boy // Wayward Spark

This character turned six yesterday. Currently, he loves: all forms of Legos (even the Friends), Harry Potter (and chapter books in general), Macklemore, cuddling with his mama, baked potatoes, kindergarten, berry jam, drawing robots and bugs, hanging out with his little cousin Beatrix, and fart jokes. Currently he hates: ketchup, the fact that I make him spell out words on his own instead of just telling him the letters, putting away Legos, waking up early, milk, and lime green (the color).

We got him Gorzan’s Gorilla Striker for his birthday (supposedly for ages 8-14), and he assembled the whole dang thing in under two hours. Then he disassembled it and proceeded to build some even awesomer stuff.┬áHe’s such an easy-going little dude, growing into a very capable big dude. I love the heck out of him.


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