Local Community

We have a rad new mural on the honey house at Old Blue Raw Honey painted by artist Manny Arechiga, and we could not be more pleased with how it turned out. Manny is a friend who has been helping us out with beekeeping and honey extraction since early June, but last week he used a different set […]


Hey, local folks! You’re invited: It’s harvest time. Let’s celebrate! Marys River Food Swap August Meeting 7:00 pm Thursday, August 21, 2014 at the Marys River Grange Hall (24707 Grange Hall Rd. Philomath, OR) Please RSVP to the Facebook Event Page or email camille@waywardspark.com You bring: up to 6 jars of food + an extra […]


Boy, the Corvallis Saturday Farmers’ Market sure is getting pretty. After taking a bunch of photos, I was even tempted into buying a cabbage, some carrots, a couple onions, two packs of bratwurst (from Northwest Natural Beef because they’re super nice), and a few kohlrabis. I’m kind of a kohlrabi evangelist. On Saturday afternoon, I […]


It was another beautiful market day on Saturday. It seems crazy early for cherries, raspberries, and some of the other fruits and vegetables seen on the waterfront, but I guess it’s just a crazy year (plus some local farmers have significant acreage under greenhouses). It was a morning full of colors, textures, flavors, aromas, live […]


My history with farmers’ markets goes way back…all the way back to the beginning. When I was a year old, my mom started selling apples and vegetables and bread at the Corvallis Wednesday Farmers’ Market (the second longest running farmers’ market in the state I believe), so basically I grew up at and around the […]


Autumnal Scenes

October 10, 2013 · 2 comments

Well, fall is here for realz. We’ve mostly gotten over mourning the loss of summer and are now embracing all things autumnal. Delicata squash, leeks, and kale are back in our regular meal rotations. I tried to hold off on those three because I know that’s mostly what I’ll be eating for the next six […]


A couple weeks ago, I visited my friend Abby Meadow in her home outside Florence, Oregon. It was supposed to be a social visit, and in the end it was, but when I stepped into her studio for the first time, I knew I had to take some photos. Abby was nice enough to oblige. […]


I wanted to share a few photos from the recent fundraiser barbecue we had at the Marys River Grange. I’ve talked about the MRG before (here and here), but just to recap, the “Marys River Grange” is both a physical building and a loose collective of local folks of which I am the “master” (kinda […]


                          The Marys River Grange is holding its November monthly meeting tomorrow (Wednesday, November 2) with a potluck at 6:30 and business at 7:00. I tell you this because I really want you to come and be a part of this unusual and […]


The Grange

April 20, 2011 · 8 comments

The Grange (Order of Patrons of Husbandry) is a national agrarian organization that is dedicated to community service. Founded in the post Civil-War era, The Grange served as a gathering place that allowed farmers the opportunity to communicate with one another and advocate for higher prices for their commodities and for fair treatment in business […]