Granny Frank

October 14, 2011 · 0 comments

Henry's cousin Becky and Granny Frank many years ago.

Henry’s grandma, Francis D’Amico Power but generally known as Granny Frank, passed away on Tuesday morning. Her death was not a huge surprise, but it was a huge loss for the family. During the three trips I went with Henry to visit his extended family in Georgia, I not only got to know her well, but I was also welcomed and loved by her.  Granny Frank had a crotchety streak in her, but that couldn’t hide the fact that she had a big heart and was fiercely compassionate about her family, her community, and her country.

Four years ago, we chose “D’Amico” for our son Levi’s middle name because we wanted to remember and respect Granny’s branch of the family and because we thought it sounded pretty dang cool. One of the last things that Henry was able to share with his grandma through his aunt was a plan to name a new variety of ceanothus after her, using her middle name “Lucetta.” As usual, Granny Frank thought that was a “terrible idea”, but Henry’s going through with it anyway.

Henry’s aunts and cousins wrote up this loving extended obituary for Granny Frank. I certainly learned a few things about her by reading it.

We’re continuing to send all our love and good thoughts to the family in Georgia and scattered across the country. xoxo

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