Rhubarb-Raspberry Pie baked in a barbecue

May 17, 2013 · 10 comments

fresh picked rhubarb // Wayward Spark

I made a pie the other day, rhubarb-raspberry because the rhubarb patch is really going crazy right now. I can always harvest some for my mom to sell at the Corvallis Saturday Farmers’ Market, but I like rhubarb as much as the next girl, so our little family is keeping up with the bounty pretty well so far this spring.

Maybe this is sacrilegious to say, but I prefer my rhubarb mixed up with sweeter berries for a somewhat mellower flavor. This time I added frozen raspberries that I U-picked last summer at Childers’ Raspberry Farm. I also added the juice and zest of a meyer lemon because in my opinion, the rhubarb flavor is heightened with a hit of citrus. I don’t have a real recipe for this pie, which is totally mean of me, but it went a little something like this:

a double Flakey Rye Crust (from 101 Cookbooks)
chunked up rhubarb (more)
raspberries (less)
juice and zest of a meyer lemon, regular lemon, or orange
a good amount of sugar
a bit of flour


You gotta start the crust ahead of time, but the filling is a breeze to throw together. Roll it out, load everything into a cast iron skillet, and bake it (with some sort of heat barrier below the skillet like firebricks and this Lodge cast iron pizza pan) in a preheated barbecue set to medium for about an hour or until the juices really start flowing.

I think the best part of baking a pie in my barbecue is the fact that sticky berry juice can spill all over, and I don’t have to clean it up. I just let it burn off the next time I bake something.

rhubarb-raspberry pie filling // Wayward Spark

rhubarb raspberry pie // Wayward Spark

pie // Wayward Spark

rhubarb-raspberry pie baked in a barbecue // Wayward Sparka few links from around the interwebs…

In the wake of the garment factory tragedy in Bangladesh, I heard an interview on NPR with the founder and CEO of Everlane, a clothing company based in LA. I actually own several Everlane T shirts already, but I’m ready to buy a bunch more now. All their clothes are produced in a factory here in the US, often with cotton grown and processed in the US as well. On top of being one of the most social responsible clothing companies out there, their shirts are also really nice, comfortable, and relatively inexpensive. You should buy something from them.

I’m pretty proud of Minnesotans this week.

I really want to make it to one of Cyril’s (in Portland) cheese club events. Friends of mine went last month and had a great time. The next one is coming up on Wednesday, but I’m going to miss it. boo.

I had a chance to flip through a beautiful issue of Gather Journal when I stayed at Anne‘s house a few months back. Gather just won a James Beard award, and I think it may be time for me to buy a subscription.

I’ve been reading Anne Lamont’s Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life in fits and spurts. It’s really funny and really inspiring, a good read for pretty much anyone who dabbles in or is serious about writing. As much as I love blogging, I hope to someday get back to more carefully composed writing, and around that time, I will have to read Bird by Bird a second time.

The farmers behind Adaptive Seeds are really good folks, and now there’s a nice little video introducing Sarah, Andrew, and their farm. Order some seeds from them now to sow for fall-harvested crops.

Henry’s cousin, Ellie, and her boyfriend, Luke, (who have appeared on Wayward Spark here and here) are hiking the Pacific Crest Trail this summer. Ellie’s documenting their adventure on her blog that’s been super interesting so far.

Happy weekend to all! xoxo

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Bee Girl (AKA Melissa) May 18, 2013 at 7:23 pm

This looks absolutely divine! I will be harvesting our first batch of rhubarb tomorrow morning and do believe this recipe *must* be tried! Thanks for sharing :-)


Nikole May 19, 2013 at 5:13 am

Your rhubarb looks perfect. And I’d love a piece of that pie.


Amy Zimmer May 21, 2013 at 9:21 pm

Hi Camille,

Great blog…thank you for sharing with us. I live in Sebastopol, CA…and have rhubarb and raspberries coming aplenty!
Your blog is so inspiring! You may find some interesting recipes from my teacher/gardener friend Karen at
My Pantry Shelf (.com).
She preserves a lot and her zucchini pickles are divine!

Happy homesteading!


Simona May 22, 2013 at 11:58 pm

…. What a fantastic Pie … Rhubarb my most favorite! and I love your blog it is so inspirational ….. Thank you!


Alanna June 12, 2013 at 10:43 pm

What a stunner of a pie, and that rhubarb is picture perfect! I’ve been wanting to try that rye crust recipe; now I’m inspired to bake a pie in a skillet (sadly no barbecue here). Thanks for the inspiration!


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