Satsuma Plum Upside Down Cake with Rosemary Caramel (baked in a barbecue)

September 22, 2013 · 1 comment

Sweet Paul's plum upside down cake with rosemary caramel // Wayward Spark

I haven’t made a pie since July. It’s a crime. I know, but I’ve been so obsessed with putting food up and stashing all the fruits of summer away for the winter that I haven’t been baking for the present very often. Today, however, I put my jamming plans on hold for a bit while I whipped up this plum upside down cake with rosemary caramel. Yeah, it’s at least as good as it sounds, one of the best things I’ve baked in a good long time.

I saw the recipe on Pinterest. It’s from Sweet Paul. I pretty much followed it as is except I swapped in my goat yogurt for the Greek yogurt, and I creamed the butter and sugar, etc. with an egg beater instead of a mixer. And of course, I baked it in my barbecue on medium heat with the glass pie pan set on my Lodge cast iron pizza pan over four preheated fire bricks (kinda like this).

Toward the end of baking, this thing oozed quite a bit of sugary juice all over the cast iron, which didn’t bother me a bit because it will just burn off next time, but I’d imagine if that happened in an oven, the results might be more disastrous.
'Satsuma' plums // Wayward Spark

My mother in law gave me a box of ‘Satsuma’ plums the other day. Someone had given them to her, and they were already a little past prime. I’m going to make jam with them tomorrow morning, but their tangy-sweet flavor and juicy-but-firm texture was perfect for this cake.

In other Wayward Spark culinary news, I was equal parts skeptical and intrigued by 101 Cookbooks’ turmeric tea recipe. I finally tried it, and…it’s pretty strange but wonderful, too. Worth making at least once for sure. And I’m probably too lazy for it, but I was also eyeing Brooklyn Supper‘s recipe for Satsuma plum ice cream.

What’s been going on in your kitchen? Delicious things, I hope!

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NM September 23, 2013 at 2:55 pm

Made a chocolate almond torte (flour-free) — for my birthday earlier this month — new-to-me recipe was one happy discovery, and will be kept on hand for future celebrations. Lately we’ve been eating roasted tomato soup. And pesto — or pistou; no nuts or cheese — for some reason, the first batch I’ve made this year. 2 over-full cups of basil reduced to 8 oz. of wonderfulness; froze half, and saved the rest for pesto-tomato sandwiches this week, made with the homemade ciabatta buns baked Sunday. Although I used half whole-wheat, so I’m not sure it’s really ciabatta. But who cares — it’s delicious!
Have 4 quarts of the roasted tomato soup in the freezer; would also like to can some, if enough more tomatoes ripen before frost. Actually looking forward to having a lot of green tomatoes left this year, since discovering how good they are brined.
Must definitely make and freeze more pesto, too, before the basil fizzles out for the year. I make by hand, so it’s a little labor-intensive, but worth it. But it only gets made in small batches!


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