She’s 2!

August 29, 2011 · 11 comments

When I started this blog, I promised myself that I wouldn’t plaster photos of my children all over every post. While they do appear on here from time to time, I try to use photos of the kids that are in context or used for scale. In this post, however, I threw that rule out the window, and what follows is an unchecked purging of photos of my little girl. I am aware that I’m gushing. It’s because I love her to pieces.














My girl turns two today. Yes, two years have gone by quickly, but I feel like I’ve been telling people that she’s “almost two” for ages. She started speaking in complete sentences around 20 months, and since then she’s always seemed so grown up even though she’s kind of a little thing. Now she pretty much talks nonstop. She sings, tells little stories, or narrates everything she’s seeing or doing. Though she can be a handfull at times, she makes me laugh every day.  I know this is so clichéd, but I couldn’t imagine life without her.

Before my kids were born, I had to psyche myself up for the fact that I would think they were the most beautiful children in the whole world, but everyone else might not agree. That was all well and good until people started accosting me in the grocery store to fawn over my kids, and our pediatrician suggested we should take Charlotte to an open casting call for a commercial. She’s pretty cute, and she definitely knows it.

Here’s baby Charlotte. With no hair or teeth, those blue eyes are just huge!

Flower girl Charlotte at Halloween last year. She was actually pretty happy in her outfit, but I thought that face was too darn cute. Levi, the scarlet macaw, is in the background.











My sister in law gave us a copy of the kid’s book Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems starring a toddler named Trixie (on the left). The story is fantastically good, and I highly recommend it, but at one point, Charlotte had an uncanny resemblance to the main character. You be the judge.

This is the classic nose-scrunch that we get in a lot of photos.

Charlotte is super social. She especially loves her Auntie Shannon who will be having my kids’ first cousin this winter. This is very exciting news for our family.

Charlotte loves cucumbers. She also loves bugs, snakes, babies, and motorcycles. We asked her what she wanted for her birthday, and she decided she needed “a hotsaw,” (a piece of logging equipment that you can see here), “oak galls, and cockles.”














She got to open a couple presents from Grandpa Jeep and Grandma Jo (Henry’s dad and step mom) early, and lo and behold, Grandma Jo made Charlotte her very own oak leaf/gall mobile. It’s now hanging over the kids’ bed, and Charlotte wis pretty thrilled.














Above on the left is a photo I took right before Charlotte and Levi headed out to the local cowboy themed parade. She’s really giving you the stinkeye in this one.

Today, we’re headed to the coast. It should be nice weather, and there are sandcastles to be built and starfish to be poked. We considered having a party for the girl child, but Levi’s birthday is in just six weeks, so we’re going to have a big joint birthday/homestead/burrito fiesta in early October with all the friends, family, and neighbors. I don’t think Charlotte will mind not having her own party, especially if we can find some cockles at the beach and eat chocolate cake later!


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