Spring is here.

March 7, 2013 · 5 comments

purple hellebore // Wayward Spark

This week has been so full. Full of doing taxes and thinking about money. (Do I make enough? Do I want to make more? Can I make more?) Full of barbecue baking successes and failures. (Good muffins, bad bagels.) Full of running around doing errands I’ve put off for way too long (My driver’s license expired a month ago, and I just got it renewed yesterday). Full of shopping around for a preschool for Charlotte next year. (I think we’ve found one.) Full of the unpleasantness of my first migraine in eight months. Full of goat chores and washing dozens and dozens of poopy chicken eggs. Full of Grange duties. (We’re ripping out the awful carpet in the Marys River Grange this weekend, and I’ve been the one organizing the effort.) Full of belt sanding. (New items coming to my Etsy shop soon.) Full of emails. Full of herbal tea. Full of blue oatmeal everyday.

But most wonderful of all…This week has been full of spring! I apologize if you’re living in one of the recently blizzarded areas of this country (or some other country), but here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve definitely turned a corner, and spring is here to stay (even if it snows a little in the coming weeks). Flower buds are really starting to swell and pop, and it’s light outside until way after 6:00. This makes me so incredibly happy and hopeful and excited about what’s to come. Ahhh…

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