In general, Levi (4 years old) and Charlotte (2 years old) get along fabulously well. They play together a lot, and they never complain about sharing a bed (one of the better parenting decisions we’ve made). Charlotte puts up with all of […]


This post kicks off an occasional series discussing various parts of our off-grid infrastructure (water, power, vehicles, etc.) Water is a crucial element of a homestead. People, animals, and plants need it to survive, but getting it and storing it can be a challenge. The area around our home is arguably the driest part of […]


                          I think it’s pretty ridiculous that I felt like I needed 27 photos and a novella-worth of text to share a less-than-200 square-foot space with you. But, well, that’s what’s here. I did clean/rearrange/remove a few things for these photos, but with […]


The last time we were at the pediatrician’s office for a check up, I asked her if she thought it was child abuse to make two kids sleep in the same bed. Obviously, it’s not REAL abuse, but I wanted to know if she thought it was so far out of social norms that it […]


Leaping Lamb Farm (and farm stay) is a special kind of place. Tucked into the green hills of the Oregon Coast Range and backed up against Honeygrove Creek (raging in the winter, lazy in the summer), the farm has idyllically green pastures, mossy split rail fences, and a menagerie of adorable as well as eccentric […]