canned food swap

So let’s talk about food swaps. I’ve written about the Portland Preservation Society several times before (December, January, April, June), but after missing a few PPS meetings and having a hankering for something similar but closer to home, I decided to start a little food swap group here locally. At least for the time being, […]


┬áThe April meeting of the Portland Preservation Society was SO good! It’s such a fun thing to be part of. I made quarts of pickled beets with honey (not pictured here) to share, and in the end, I brought home pickled red onions, curry pickled cauliflower, romesco, lemon throat coat/hot toddy mix, and parsley-olive oil […]


I first heard about the Portland Preservation Society on Instagram. I can’t remember exactly who’s feed it was mentioned on (maybe Anne‘s or Jen‘s or Emily‘s or Brooke‘s), but the idea was immediately intriguing. I was familiar with the idea of canned food swaps, but I’d never been to one. It seemed a little crazy […]