cutting board

I was photographing cutting boards to list in my Etsy shop earlier today when I came across this big, beautiful board. It’s large (18 1/2″ x 12″ x 1 7/8″) and completely covered in wildly figured grain patterns. Unfortunately, it also has some issues in the form of several cracks entering from the edges and […]


Working with crazy figured wood for my Etsy shop Red Onion Woodworks is pretty great. Even I am surprised and awed by some of the pieces. ┬áThe nature of figured maple, however, is that its beauty is a product of irregular patterns in the grain (crotches, burls, etc.), which are the areas that have the […]


Wood cutting boards are perfectly functional and perfectly sanitary if cared for properly. Maintenance of a wood cutting board is easy and will dramatically extend the life and beauty of one of your most used kitchen tools. With normal household use, cutting boards will show scratches and wear. If you purchase a new two-sided board, […]