how to bake in a barbecue

Scones are all over the map taste- and texture-wise. Sickly sweet with sugary icing, heavy with whole grains, cake-y, bread-y, crumbly, plain-jane, or studded with add-ins. I haven’t made scones very many times in my life because I always felt that scone’s close cousin, the muffin, was a little more reliable in taste and texture […]


I made a pie the other day, rhubarb-raspberry because the rhubarb patch is really going crazy right now. I can always harvest some for my mom to sell at the Corvallis Saturday Farmers’ Market, but I like rhubarb as much as the next girl, so our little family is keeping up with the bounty pretty […]


I have baked very few cakes in my life, and of those, I’d say a good majority came out of boxes (in my childhood, never as an adult). I’m not particularly comfortable with cake baking in general. I don’t know if my standards are too high or what, but it seems to me like eating […]