old blue honey

Henry and I extracted nearly 40 gallons of honey on Sunday.┬áThe early honey varietals that the bees produced are quite different from main season flows in many ways. First off, they taste different. As you can see in the photo above, early season honey contains a significant amount of pollen that we don’t filter out […]


You should listen to this clip from The Splendid Table in which Marina Marchese makes a case for buying honey directly from beekeepers. It’s a little highbrow and maybe not quite 100% technically accurate, but it covers pretty much everything Henry and I have been saying (and doing) for a while. This is an event […]


It’s honey harvest time around these parts. In the Oregon Coast Range where Henry (doing business under the name Old Blue) has his remote apiaries, the nectar flow has pretty much dried up to a trickle even though there’s still plenty of pollen to be had. Henry is now working on preparing hives for the […]


A Gift

February 12, 2012 · 2 comments

                          It was my friend Jenny’s birthday a couple weeks ago. I missed it. I am so bad. I knew it was sometime in January, but I wasn’t sure about the date. I kept telling myself that I should call, but I put […]