pomona’s universal pectin

What: quince jelly Main ingredients and where I got them:  The quince was from my visit to the USDA National Clonal Germplasm Repository, and the honey was from our bees. How much: lots, about 22 cups total I think Recipe:  from the Pomona’s Universal Pectin directions 4 cups quince juice 1/4 cup lemon juice 4 […]


What: kiwi-strawberry jam Main ingredients and where I got them: Henry brought a half bucket of hardy kiwis home from a horseshoeing client the other day. The strawberries were two-year-old ones (possible these very same) that came out of the freezer. The honey came from our bees. How much: just four jars (but really, I have WAY […]

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My mother in law is a certified Master Food Preserver (kinda like a Master Gardener) and an active volunteer at our local food bank. A couple years back, she combined her passion for food preservation with her desire to better serve individuals and families who couldn’t always afford good healthy food by starting a program called Jamming […]