I met my friend Ana about a year ago. I had recently started my contract work as writer/photographer/blogger for Gathering Together Farm, and Ana was working as the pastry chef in the GTF restaurant. I liked her from the get-go, and even though, like many folks, I’ve found it harder and harder to connect with […]



August 21, 2011 · 23 comments

Owning a dairy goat means having a lot of dairy products on hand at all times. A while back, I got a little carried away and made a gallon and a half of homemade yogurt at one time. We’ve been eating it every day in various different forms: with berry sauce, on cereal, as fruity […]


I am often at home for lunch, which is a luxury that I probably don’t appreciate as much as I should. Sometimes I eat leftovers, sometimes I eat a collection of snacks, but usually I’ll cook something really simple and quick. I discovered salad greens + fried eggs + blue cheese dressing a few months […]


I love pancakes. In fact, my whole family loves pancakes. A couple years ago, I started making them with the help of some standard recipe (I think The Book of Bread), but over time I kept tweaking, adding, and substituting ingredients until my standard recipe is unrecognizable from the original. These are the kind of […]