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Cheddar Crêpe Packets

February 29, 2012 · 9 comments

We’re having a lazy snow day at home. It’s just me and the kids hunkered down indoors while the storm outside dumps large quantities of wet, slushy snow/hail/rain. It’s not nice weather. BUT I did make crêpes, and boy, do I love crêpes. I like crêpes plain, with jam or honey, or rolled up with […]


I am often at home for lunch, which is a luxury that I probably don’t appreciate as much as I should. Sometimes I eat leftovers, sometimes I eat a collection of snacks, but usually I’ll cook something really simple and quick. I discovered salad greens + fried eggs + blue cheese dressing a few months […]


Just over two years ago, Henry the Husband and a couple friends framed and covered our 30′ x 96′ semi-gable greenhouse. He put in four raised beds that run the length of the tunnel with two foot aisles between them. Trees are planted in the beds at five-foot intervals. We have nectarines, peaches, guavas, pomegranates, […]