satsuma mandarins

Due to a warm spring and a mild fall, our Satsuma mandarins are ripe and ready for sale a little early this year. Here’s the scoop: Satsuma mandarins are alternate bearing, meaning they produce a lot of fruit only every other year. This is an off year, but somehow we ended up with about the […]


It’s harvest time in the greenhouse. We’ve been eating Satsuma mandarins off our own trees for a couple weeks now, and they’re awfully good, especially when considering their provenance. In 2007, Henry ordered 65+ year-old citrus seedlings from Tree Source Citrus Nursery¬†(propagated from varieties kept at UC Riverside via Japan), and he grew them in […]


Fruit Snacks

December 22, 2012 · 0 comments

These are quite possibly the ugliest apples that ever were, but they’re also rather delicious. One of Henry’s clients (Randy) is a bit of an apple-grafting enthusiast, and he gifted us a couple buckets of ‘Gold Rush’ apples the last time Henry went out to trim the horses. The biggest ones are just shy of […]


Rewind three weeks, before all the craziness in my Etsy shop due to the feature in Sunset Magazine. Way back to when we were on vacation in (sort of) sunny California…We stocked up at the Chico Farmers’ Market (which I wrote about in this post), and then we swung by a couple of our favorite […]

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