Well, my mom and I put about 40 pounds of raspberries in the freezer today. We each brought another few pounds into our kitchens to enjoy fresh. I always say I’m going to bake something fancy after a big U-picking day, but generally, the extra bucket just seems to disappear before I can work up […]


I just took a shower last night and noticed that I have a nasty stripe of bright pink sunburn on my back just above the waistline of my shorts. I know this mark well. In my farm worker days, we used to call it the “sunset tan” because it resembled a sunset by starting in […]


I might be nuts, but I just picked 80 pounds of blueberries. My kids, my mom, and I went to Radke’s Blueberries (off of Highway 99 in South Corvallis) yesterday afternoon, and the picking was SO easy that I almost couldn’t stop myself. I got about 45 pounds in less than three hours. I woke […]


On Wednesday, I made my second trip out to Red Barn Farm (out by the dump for you locals) to pick marion berries and boysenberries. My mom was with me as were the kiddos, so with some time out for child maintenance, we each picked about 18 pounds in two-ish hours. The ease of harvest was fair, […]


Strawberry Season

June 29, 2011 · 10 comments

On Sunday, I went to a local farm with a U-pick strawberry patch and harvested 34 1/2 pounds in just under two hours. I was kidless, and the picking was easy. Western Oregon finally got several days in a row of summer sun, so there was an abundance of medium-large, fully ripe berries. If you […]