This is what happy and healthy at 85 looks like.

January 21, 2013 · 5 comments


We celebrated my grandma’s 85th birthday (as well as my aunt’s 63rd, my sister in law’s 32nd, and my baby niece‘s 1st, which all passed within the last seven days) this weekend with a small family gathering in a rental house in Sunriver, Oregon. My grandma (who I wrote about a bit in this post) is still incredibly active and sharp as a tack. I swear she has more energy than I do.



There’s been this cold, foggy funk hanging over the Willamette Valley for over a week, but once we go up to the mountains, it was nothing but sunshine. My kids were stoked to make snow angels and ride plastic saucers down the makeshift snow ramp off the back porch.


I got to do a little snowshoeing with my awesome cousin, Amelia. She will graduate from college in June and is hoping to get a job and move to Boston. I’m afraid I won’t get too many more chances to see her on the West Coast, so I may have to schedule a trip east. Boston is worthy of a cross-country trip, right? (Photo taken by my uncle Bob.)


Speaking of cousin love, these three (reading with my dad) get to see each other often, but they’re all really excited every time they get together. (Also, does anyone have any tips for treating my little girl’s superfine mouse-nest mullet? It’s getting out of control.)

Thanks for all your kind comments (and tweets and shares and whatnot) on my recent homesteading post. I was glad to see that y’all seemed to get the gist of my message and were gleaning the little bits of wisdom most relevant to your own lives. I’m so happy to connect with you. xoxo

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