U-Pick Blueberry Harvest at Anderson’s Blues

June 26, 2014 · 3 comments

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Ahhh…It’s blueberry season again. I feel a little guilty, like I’m cheating on my beloved Radke’s Blueberries, but I was getting desperate for fresh fruit that the kids and I headed to Anderson’s Blues on Aboretum Road in North Corvallis. Anderson’s is a pretty huge U-pick place with many different varieties of berries from early to late, small to big. Yesterday, we worked on ‘Earliblue’ bushes that were positively loaded with fruit for super easy picking.

The thing that amazed and delighted me most about this foraging expedition was that my kids, ages 4 1/2 and 6 1/2, actually picked more berries into their buckets than into their mouths for the first time ever. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long, long time. I was talking to my mom yesterday, and we started rehashing all the U-pick trips we took together when my kids were little. We’d have to take turns doing stroller laps around the farms to keep crying babies appeased for just a little longer, and as they got a older, we’d pack bags full of toys and snacks to entertain them while we attempted to fill up our buckets. This new productive, non-whiney phase is such a welcome development. Between the two of them, they picked over five pounds in about an hour, and then they played nicely for another hour while I kept picking. We brought home about 25 pounds total, which should mostly tide us over until Radke’s opens in a couple weeks.

Even though my kids were being awesome, I had a moment of frustration when some random adult pickers failed to adhere to basic U-pick etiquette by deciding that the best place to start their harvest was five feet down the row from me when they had acres and acres of bushes to choose from. I guess some people are just never gonna get it. Otherwise, it was a great morning, so if you’re in the area, now’s the time. Happy picking!

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