We bought a house.

August 14, 2015 · 11 comments

We bought a house. It’s (sort of) a REAL house with power and closets and counter space and indoor bathrooms and neighbors, and I am (mostly) thrilled. I’m assuming some of you are surprised by this development. Before all the recent radio silence, I used this blog often to brag/blather about this little cabin that’s […]


Camping at Scott Lake

September 17, 2014 · 7 comments

Ahh…We sure have been enjoying this bit of indian summer to its fullest. Aside from being freaked out about fires in this ultra-dry weather, our days have been long and full (of school among other things). This past weekend, Henry’s parents organized a quick camping trip to Scott Lake in the Cascades, and although Henry […]


I got back from San Francisco last night. I was pretty stiff, exhausted, and happy to be home after the 11-hour drive (the longest solo drive I’ve ever done), but the city really did treat me well while I was there. Renegade SF When I started my business over four years ago, I swore up […]


Happy New Year, everyone! We’ve been having a few relaxing catch up days at home after a week exploring Point Reyes in California with Henry’s extended family (same folks as in this post plus an extra aunt and uncle and a day visit from Henry’s cousin, cousin in law, and their two kids). Point Reyes […]


Last week we made our annual Thanksgiving trip down to Northern California (Redding area) to meet up with my mom’s extended family. It was great to visit with my cousins and eat until I was about to explode, but like every year, one of the highlights was our excursion to the Chico Farmers’ market and […]


The Coburg Antique Fair was held last Sunday, and as usual, it did not disappoint. In this first post, I’m going to give you a bajillion photos because I couldn’t muster the effort to pare them down. Coming soon, I’ll show you what I took home. You can look back at my photos from the […]


Here’s part two of our trip to the coast last week. We spent the morning hiking at Cape Perpetua Scenic Area near Yachats. Cape Perpetua has a great visitor center with information on all the forest trails and tide pools that are accessible from the main parking area. We didn’t make it down to the […]


We spent four much-needed vacation days in Yachats, Oregon last week. It was essentially the same trip as this one last year with a slight change in the cast of characters. The schedule centered around my 85-year-old grandma from California getting to spend quality time with my kids and my brother’s 1 1/2-year-old daughter, but […]


You might find the above photo disturbing. Yeah, so do I, but that’s just what horseneck (gaper) clams look like. It’s unfortunate. On Sunday night, we met up with friends (seen previously on the blog here) and stayed over in a beach house near Seal Rock. The supermoon produced some super low tides, perfect for […]


Hoo boy. It was a good one. Twice as big as ever before, the June Portland Preservation Society meeting was so full of good folks and good food (and good Bloody Marys with vodka provided by New Deal Distillery for anyone that didn’t have to drive two hours home). After rousing rounds of introductions and […]