I have so so many thoughts about my trip to New York and so so few photos (37 total, including a bunch of duplicates). I had planned on taking a bajillion pictures, but then I got there and realized that I didn’t really want to. Partly because everyone is photographing everything constantly, and I didn’t […]


 The April meeting of the Portland Preservation Society was SO good! It’s such a fun thing to be part of. I made quarts of pickled beets with honey (not pictured here) to share, and in the end, I brought home pickled red onions, curry pickled cauliflower, romesco, lemon throat coat/hot toddy mix, and parsley-olive oil […]


We got home last night from six days in La Quinta, California, and I can honestly say I’m really glad to be home. It was beautiful, for sure, and hot, which was a welcome change from Oregon’s drizzly spring. It was also very very strange culture-wise, at least it was for me. The kids and […]


In the spring of 2007 when I was eight months married and four months pregnant (with Levi), I visited New York City for the first time. My brother and now sister in law were living in Harlem, finishing their first year of teaching in New York public schools after completing master’s degrees at Columbia Teacher’s […]


We celebrated my grandma’s 85th birthday (as well as my aunt’s 63rd, my sister in law’s 32nd, and my baby niece‘s 1st, which all passed within the last seven days) this weekend with a small family gathering in a rental house in Sunriver, Oregon. My grandma (who I wrote about a bit in this post) […]


I used to think I didn’t like Portland much, but I’ve decided it’s about time I reconsider. I spent most of the day in the city yesterday, and really, it was pretty great. I used the January meeting of the Portland Preservation Society as my excuse for heading north, but the idea of having a […]


I’d never been to the Northern California coast before last week. Now I know what I’d been missing all those years. We stayed in Crescent City for the better part of a week, and I was continually impressed by both the town and the landscapes. The thing that I couldn’t get over is that the beach […]


I first heard about the Portland Preservation Society on Instagram. I can’t remember exactly who’s feed it was mentioned on (maybe Anne‘s or Jen‘s or Emily‘s or Brooke‘s), but the idea was immediately intriguing. I was familiar with the idea of canned food swaps, but I’d never been to one. It seemed a little crazy […]


In some ways, California is pretty amazing. Mostly the food and the weather and the striking (non-urban) landscapes. I really like to visit California, but I’m also always really happy to come home. Last Saturday, Henry and I took our annual trip to the Chico Farmers’ Market and then toured around to various farm stands […]


Last week, I was hanging around kitchen at Gathering Together Farm, gossiping with my friend Ana the pastry chef while she stirred a pot of fruity danish filling. “I love quince,” she declared. I was surprised. I’d never heard someone proclaim their love for that particular maligned and obscure fruit before. I must confess that […]