If you have something to say or ask about a specific post, and you’re okay with it being public, please leave a comment with that post.

I do read ALL comments, although I don’t necessarily reply to all of them. Similarly, I read all emails. If I don’t reply to your comment or email, it may be because I have nothing to add, I’m super busy, or well, I have no good excuse. This blog is not my day job, so my commenting/emailing time is somewhat limited. I do love to hear from you, though!

If you ask to come visit my home, I will, in all likelihood, say no. It’s not that I think you’re a weirdo or an axe murderer. I’m going to assume you’re a nice, mostly sane person. The reality is just that Henry and I are busy fairly private people, and we’re not real keen on inviting strangers into our personal space. I share as much as I want to on this blog, and that’s where it ends.


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