barbecue pie

I made a pie the other day, rhubarb-raspberry because the rhubarb patch is really going crazy right now. I can always harvest some for my mom to sell at the Corvallis Saturday Farmers’ Market, but I like rhubarb as much as the next girl, so our little family is keeping up with the bounty pretty […]


I’m not generally a person prone to anxiety issues, but this is the time of year when I start “hearing” a low background hum in the corners of my mind that constantly reminds me of the million things I will need to get done in the next couple months. There are tomatoes to can (though […]


I’m freaking out a little..okay, like maybe a LOT. I still can’t really believe it. Here’s the thing…I made a pie, and I baked it in the barbecue, and it turned out DELICIOUS! This is no minor miracle, folks. Seriously. I have tried and failed to make a good pie many times over many years. […]