corvallis farmers market

Boy, the Corvallis Saturday Farmers’ Market sure is getting pretty. After taking a bunch of photos, I was even tempted into buying a cabbage, some carrots, a couple onions, two packs of bratwurst (from Northwest Natural Beef because they’re super nice), and a few kohlrabis. I’m kind of a kohlrabi evangelist. On Saturday afternoon, I […]


My history with farmers’ markets goes way back…all the way back to the beginning. When I was a year old, my mom started selling apples and vegetables and bread at the Corvallis Wednesday Farmers’ Market (the second longest running farmers’ market in the state I believe), so basically I grew up at and around the […]


Happy Birthday, Oregon!

February 14, 2012 · 7 comments

The View from Prairie Mountain The great state of Oregon turns 153 today. Personally, I’m choosing to celebrate February 14 by expressing my deep love and gratitude for this wonderful place where I live, always have and always will. I don’t want to be a grinch about the whole Valentine’s Day thing (I did actually […]


                          My parents (Oven and Earth Farm) grew the best gourds this year. And they have more than ever before. In kind of a seemingly random move, we decided to list sets of 10 assorted gourds in my Etsy shop.¬†They’re also available down […]

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Oven and Earth Farm is actually my parents’ place, the house and property where I grew up. My kids and I spend a LOT of time over there during the summers. My parents are my primary child care providers, so they make it possible for me to do the things I do. I don’t feel […]