Thanks for all your fabulous recipes, everyone. So many of them looked delicious and will probably end up on our dinner (or breakfast) table in the nearish future. Here are a few that had particularly good photos… Mae suggests these pumpkin waffles. Kierra offeres up this cute cake. Jenny wants to make these balsamic and […]


I was photographing cutting boards to list in my Etsy shop earlier today when I came across this big, beautiful board. It’s large (18 1/2″ x 12″ x 1 7/8″) and completely covered in wildly figured grain patterns. Unfortunately, it also has some issues in the form of several cracks entering from the edges and […]


Working with crazy figured wood for my Etsy shop Red Onion Woodworks is pretty great. Even I am surprised and awed by some of the pieces. ┬áThe nature of figured maple, however, is that its beauty is a product of irregular patterns in the grain (crotches, burls, etc.), which are the areas that have the […]