Off-Grid Living

There are a handful of questions that I get over and over, in person or via email/other social media. “Why did you choose to live the way you do?” “How did you get to where you are now?” “How much did it cost to build your house?” “Do you ever wish you lived in town?” […]


Makita Vacuum

October 25, 2011 · 8 comments

We got a broom as a wedding present. Some people might think that’s kind of a strange gift, but I loved it, and I used the heck out of it for several years. Sweeping was a quiet, almost meditative activity, unlike vacuuming, but I would sweep and sweep and the floor would never be completely […]


This post kicks off an occasional series discussing various parts of our off-grid infrastructure (water, power, vehicles, etc.) Water is a crucial element of a homestead. People, animals, and plants need it to survive, but getting it and storing it can be a challenge. The area around our home is arguably the driest part of […]