What: (not-quite-traditional) basil pesto Main ingredients and where I got them: The basil and garlic came from my parents’ farm. I used the last of the almonds I bought last fall at the Chico farmers’ market, and the cheese and oil came from my local natural foods co-op. How much: about 25 cups (but I’m […]


Grilled Cheese with Pesto

September 26, 2012 · 3 comments

Grilled cheese with pesto. Do it, and you won’t regret it. Even my 84-year-old grandma who literally wrote a cookbook about delicious appetizers thinks this combo is the bee’s knees. I always use Tillamook Extra Sharp cheddar cheese and my mom’s homemade bread (which she sells at the Corvallis Farmers’ Market on Saturdays). While the food-processor method […]