portland preservation society

Hoo boy. It was a good one. Twice as big as ever before, the June Portland Preservation Society meeting was so full of good folks and good food (and good Bloody Marys with vodka provided by New Deal Distillery for anyone that didn’t have to drive two hours home). After rousing rounds of introductions and […]


┬áThe April meeting of the Portland Preservation Society was SO good! It’s such a fun thing to be part of. I made quarts of pickled beets with honey (not pictured here) to share, and in the end, I brought home pickled red onions, curry pickled cauliflower, romesco, lemon throat coat/hot toddy mix, and parsley-olive oil […]


I used to think I didn’t like Portland much, but I’ve decided it’s about time I reconsider. I spent most of the day in the city yesterday, and really, it was pretty great. I used the January meeting of the Portland Preservation Society as my excuse for heading north, but the idea of having a […]


I first heard about the Portland Preservation Society on Instagram. I can’t remember exactly who’s feed it was mentioned on (maybe Anne‘s or Jen‘s or Emily‘s or Brooke‘s), but the idea was immediately intriguing. I was familiar with the idea of canned food swaps, but I’d never been to one. It seemed a little crazy […]