radke’s blueberries

This spring, Henry agreed to pollinate at Radke’s Blueberries, hands down the best U-pick blueberry farm in the Corvallis area if not the entire world (read more about the place┬áhere). Blueberry growers generally contract with beekeepers to drop off two or more hives per acre during bloom time. Having honeybees on hand ensures widespread pollination […]


I might be nuts, but I just picked 80 pounds of blueberries. My kids, my mom, and I went to Radke’s Blueberries (off of Highway 99 in South Corvallis) yesterday afternoon, and the picking was SO easy that I almost couldn’t stop myself. I got about 45 pounds in less than three hours. I woke […]


Janet and Ed Radke have been in the blueberry business for 33 years, which is almost as long as they’ve been involved with each other. This weekend marks the close of another season, this one well-attended but unfortunately less abundant than average. The Radke blueberry patch is located at the end of Three Mile Avenue […]