vegetable farm

I snapped a few photos of my parents huge garden/small farm on Saturday. It’s kinda fun to compare them with this post from almost exactly a year ago. My mom has almost everything planted, and my dad’s been attacking the robust, early-summer weeds. Unlike last year, I’ve barely helped out at all this spring, so […]


I woke up sore this morning. And tired. It feels kinda great. The kids and I spent most of this past weekend at my parents’ place, sometimes known as Oven and Earth Farm. My mom bought a big trampoline about a month ago, so now when we’re over there, the kids just rotate from trampoline […]


I had some time to kill this afternoon, so I stopped in to visit my friends in the propagation greenhouse at Gathering Together Farm. The place is bustling and beautiful. So much spring (and summer) in there! radicchio starts endive starts lettuce starts celery starts eggplant starts onion starts got a haircut baby tomato starts […]